ISASS: The world's best thinking about spines.

The field of spine surgery is evolving globally. With innovations originating in every continent, it’s imperative that those committed to advancing spine surgery have a platform for discussion and education that encompasses the international community. With members from around the globe and chapters in China, India, Korea, Latin America, the Middle East, Taiwan and Turkey, ISASS is the society for forward-thinking spine surgeons in tune with ideas, treatments, technologies, and scientific innovations from every corner of the world. You are invited to join ISASS to surround yourself with the world’s best thinking about spine surgery.

Why Join ISASS?

We believe that our society is unique in its specific focus to become a global organization that concentrates on the newest techniques in artificial disc and nucleus replacement. It is our intent to complement existing organizations by presenting information that may not be available in the depth or breadth that will be provided by ISASS. With the field of spine surgery changing so rapidly because of the myriad of new products and advancements, we believe it appropriate to provide a distinct voice to the new techniques. As a member, you will gain ready access to this information, receive discounts on conferences and symposiums and be associated with a global organization that recognizes what we believe to be a significant change in the treatment and resolution of degenerative disc disease.

Member Services

The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (also known as ISASS) is a global, scientific and educational society organized to provide an independent venue to discuss and address the issues involved with all aspects of basic and clinical science of spine surgery, motion preservation, stabilization, innovative technologies, MIS procedures, biologics and other fundamental topics to restore and improve motion and function of the spine and the patient. A place for surgeons, scientists, inventors and others dedicated to progress in spine surgery.

Membership is open to all spinal specialists, groups or organizations, including government whose common cause is the advancement of spine surgery. Membership categories shall be Regular with Surgeons and Scientists as sub categories under it, Affiliate with Industry as a sub category and Other membership with Resident, Fellow, Nurses, Physician’s Assistant, Physical Therapist and Retired as sub categories. The Society has been duly constituted under law with officers, directors and committees as defined in its bylaws. The Society is not-for-profit as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code.

Make Your Voice Heard

We exist not only to learn from each other, but also as the collective voice of the world’s spine surgeons. By advocating for spine surgeons and spine patients, we can help protect the rights of those in the field and promote sound public policy. Becoming a part of ISASS gives you a stronger voice in the matters most important to your practice.

How Does Membership Help You Become a Better Spine Surgeon?

Becoming an ISASS member gives you:

  • Access to research, articles, and information from the global leaders in spine surgery.
  • CMEs offered through the annual conference and complimentary access to the online Interactive Education Program through MagnifiGroup.
  • Online access to up-to-the-minute news on spine surgery advancements, techniques and related products.
  • A subscription to ISASS email newsletters.
  • A subscription to The International Journal of Spine Surgery and the Vertebral Columns quarterly.
  • Access to online presentations and discussion groups.
  • Access to ISASS papers, presentations, research and membership directory.
  • Listing in the “Find a Member” search on ISASS website so that patients can find and contact you.
  • Discounted registration fees for all ISASS-sponsored programs including the annual congress and the regional conferences.
  • Access to information from previous meetings.
  • Affiliation with The Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery,, and Members Only access to Pearl Diver’s largest (HIPAA-compliant) patient records database in the US.

The Value of an ISASS Membership

ISASS focuses on the science of spine care and the science of surgery. We believe that the science of spine surgery frequently generates important developments that must be considered for pain-free natural mobility and the relief of debilitating, discogenic back pain. We provide the opportunity for the educational exchange of information from the leaders in spine care around the globe. Through your membership support ISASS will become a forum to:

  • Provide research grants
  • Fund traveling fellowship programs
  • Support surgical Centers of Excellence
  • Establish educational certification
  • Organize conferences and symposia
  • Publication of The International Journal of Spine Surgery
  • Raise worldwide awareness of advancements in spinal treatments

You are encouraged to join leaders of the international spine community and participate in this truly open, global society whose mission is to foster the broadest possible acceptance of treatments to existing spine care. For the sake of your patients, so that you are aware of the latest treatments, you owe it to yourself to look into all ISASS has to offer.