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The current environment for spine surgeons and their patients is challenging. Mergers and downward pressure from payers on coverage and reimbursement for spinal surgeries is making it harder for patients to receive medically indicated surgical care and more difficult for new technology and techniques to emerge.

We hear these stories every day from our members, and many of them wonder, who is representing us and our patients? Who is fighting to ensure that patients have access to the spine care they need? Who is advocating for patient access to newer, better technologies? We also hear that currently there is not one strong, unified voice of leadership within the surgical spine community, and that spine surgeons need to gather together with one strong voice to advocate for the profession and their patients. ISASS is a society singularly focused on spinal surgery – from basic science to new therapies, from biomechanics to minimally invasive techniques, from research to advocacy. Our goal is to be an organization that represents all spine surgeons and advocates on their behalf.

  • We have developed evidence-based position statements supporting important spine surgery techniques, devices and therapies, and will continue to do so.
  • We have advocated with government and commercial payers for greater patient access to newer technologies and medically indicated surgeries.
  • We have increased our focus on coverage and reimbursement issues and strive to have a greater impact in support of our members and their patients.

We are concerned that the current landscape of ‘divide and conquer’ doesn’t help our patients. We need to band together. We need ONE Advocacy voice – that of the surgeon – a voice that patients trust. ISASS wants to be THE VOICE to help patients and surgeons in this tumultuous time of change.

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