On March 4, the American Medical Association posted the CPT® Editorial Summary of Panel Actions, a high-level summary of the final actions taken by the CPT® Editorial Panel at the February 2016 meeting.

Tab 43 addressed the sundowning of several Category III codes. Category III codes are archived five years from the date of initial publication or extension unless a modification of the archival date is specifically noted at the time of a revision or change to a code. Along with several other codes, the CPT® Editorial Panel accepted the archiving of 0309T (Arthrodesis, pre-sacral interbody technique, including disc space preparation, discectomy, with posterior instrumentation, with image guidance, includes bone graft, when performed, lumbar, L4-L5 interspace (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)).

Category III codes which have been archived after five years must be reported using the Category I unlisted code unless another specific cross reference is established at the time of archiving. 0309T will not be listed as part of the 2018 code set.

Note that codes are not assigned, nor exact wording finalized, until just prior to publication. Release of more specific CPT® code set information is timed with the release of the entire set of coding changes in the CPT® publication.

February 2016 Summary of CPT Editorial Panel Actions


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