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We are pleased to announce that ISASS’s official medical journal, the International Journal of Spine Surgery, is now included in PubMed results. The Journal’s inclusion in PubMed Central is the culmination of years of fine work on the part of our authors and reviewers. The full back catalog, including volumes published as the SAS Journal, will be visible in results in the upcoming weeks.

We’re far from resting after this accomplishment, however. Our Journal’s Section Editors have been chosen from the request for volunteers we sent after last year’s Annual Meeting. We’d like to introduce them:

Section Editors

These editors are responsible for the Biomechanics, Complications, Lumbar Spine, Regulatory Affairs, Cervical Spine, Special Category, MIS, Biologics, Navigation, Tumors, Endoscopic MIS, and TDR Sections respectively.

This isn’t all the Journal-related news! We’re working hard on a lot of fronts and we have a lot more information to share with you. To do so would be too long for this email, so why not join us at ISASS15?

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Best regards, and thank you, always, for your time and expertise,

Hansen Yuan, MD
Editor in Chief, International Journal of Spine Surgery

Kristy Radcliffe
Executive Director, ISASS

Jonny Dover
Publisher & Managing Editor, International Journal of Spine Surgery

For more about the International Journal of Spine Surgery, please visit us at http://ijssurgery.com.

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