International Journal of Spine SurgeryMuch has happened since the January 1 relaunch of the Journal! In addition to the Journal’s new, cleaner look, which you can observe at the Journal’s website, we’re also working with other societies and organizations to create a broad, global base of support for the Journal. Potential partners will join the esteemed ranks of  the International Intradiscal Therapy SocietyTURKMISS, the World Federation of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, the Pittsburgh Spine Summit, and the Büttner-Janz SpinefoundationISASS, of course, is still the home of the Journal and the best global voice out there for spine surgeons.

While the Journal chugs toward its inclusion in PubMed Central, we’re also working on making sure we’ve got the best platforms available for both authors and reviewers. We’re accepting submissions now and we’d love to see your work! As we expected, after going Open Access and no longer requiring a subscription to view the scholarship published in the Journal, we’re seeing a dramatic uptick in submissions. It’s a good thing we’ve got a world-class Editorial Board and top-flight Peer Reviewers who are dedicated to providing useful feedback in a timely fashion (average time from submission to first decision is only 54 days, compared to three months or more in many other spine publications).

In addition to carefully creating and configuring platforms for authors and reviewers, we’re also aiming to please readers and researchers who want to use our material. The International Journal of Spine Surgery website is mobile- and tablet-friendly so you can consume it on the go—and speaking of travel, you won’t have to futz around with paywalls, subscription barriers, library proxies, or pay $30 for a PDF of an article if you’re away from your home institution. Just go to the website and download the PDF. It’s a hassle-free way of getting to the research you need (not to mention a hassle-free way for authors to show off their hard work to the world!).

It’s a new year and we’re starting a new day at the Journal—one where we’re creating a new publication from the ground up for the benefit of authors, reviewers, and researchers rather than publishers. We’re staying agile and flexible in ways most medical journals simply can’t be, so keep looking forward to new and greater things from us.

The Journal relies heavily on the work of volunteer reviewers who work tirelessly to make sure that the scholarship published therein is of the highest caliber, both by means of gatekeeping and by means of providing constructive criticism and relevant, timely feedback to authors. We’d like to take a moment to thank our Editorial Board for their extremely limited time and very nearly unlimited expertise:


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