ISASS’ Coding and Reimbursement Task Force is undertaking drafts of policy statements on two new spine technologies, the Intracept procedure for Basivertebral nerve treatment, and the Barricaid implant for annular closure.

These technologies are among the newest and most promising treatments for vertebral conditions and likely to increase in dissemination and use by practitioners.  The policy statements will be evidence-based evaluations of literature and clinical data for each procedure and will help practitioners and payers assess the merits of coverage for the services.

The final drafts will be forwarded to the ISASS board for review and final publication on the ISASS website as well as in the International Journal of Spine Surgery, ISASS’ journal.

ISASS is grateful for the leadership of Morgan Lorio, MD, chairman of the Coding and Reimbursement Task Force, and his work in keeping ISASS at the forefront of advancing patient care.

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