Today after much hard work and diligence, ISASS was awarded a seat at the table of the House of Delegates (HOD) of the AMA. Gunnar Andersson, MD, PhD, ISASS President was handed a clicker and began voting on your behalf. “Today ISASS became a member of the AMA House of Delegates, this gives us a seat at the table of the organization that makes decisions at the [Current Procedural Terminology] and [Relative Value Scale Update] Committees,” said Andersson of this accomplishment.

Gunnar B.J. Andersson, MD, PhD

Gunnar B.J. Andersson, MD, PhD

The CPT Editorial Panel is engaged in an ongoing process improvement effort which currently includes re-examination of the CPT Category I and Category III criteria.

This is a very significant milestone for ISASS it is important for ISASS members and their patients that a representative working in the best interest of spine surgery is able to have a voice.

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Thank you for your continued support of ISASS

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