ISASS was a signatory to a letter to the White House in response to the White House Executive Order issued on Oct. 3. President Trump issued an Executive Order on “Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors.”  Although the Executive Order does not provide legislative or regulatory specifications, it raises policy areas that the President believes must be addressed to improve the Medicare program.

The Executive Order aims to expand enrollment in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to make them more attractive to seniors than the traditional fee-for-service program. Within one year, the Secretary of Health and Human Services is asked to propose regulations and implement other administrative actions to provide more diverse and affordable MA options for seniors, by:

The letter from ISASS and other stakeholders focused in particular on the part of the Executive Order calling for the expansion of privileges for non-physician practitioners. ISASS and other physician specialty societies were concerned about the impact of this part of the order on patient care, and the specialty society letter calls on the White House and HHS to prioritize the physician-patient relationship as critical to quality patient care.

Read the Executive Order here.

Read Final Sign-on re 10-3 Executive Order, which is the Specialty Society letter.

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