On March 6, ISASS sent a comment letter to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicare (ACOEM) regarding their Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Practice Guideline that is used in many states for State Workers Compensation fee schedule and coverage policies. The ISASS letter asked the ACOEM Low Back Disorder Guideline committee overseen by ACOEM Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Kurt Hegmann, to consider inclusion of ISASS’ updated SI Joint Fusion policy statement and the ISASS recommendations for appropriate criteria for SI Joint Fusion procedures and criteria on non-surgical options.

Dr. Hegmann acknowledged receipt of the input and indicated the committee would incorporate ISASS’ input into future reviews.

Learn more about ACOEM Guidelines and Policies here.

Read the ISASS comment letter to ACOEM.

Read the ISASS policy statement here.

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