In order to advocate properly for spine surgeons, ISASS seeks members who have an interest in coding, valuation and reimbursement issues, and who might lend their expertise to our nascent efforts through participation in a newly formed Coding & Reimbursement Task Force.

As you may know, ISASS is halfway through the 3-year process of gaining admittance to the AMA House of Delegates, which affords us official participation in the AMA/CPT process as well as the Relative Values Update Committee (the “RUC”). Spine patients and their surgeons are experiencing an unprecedented wave of surgery denials and reduced reimbursements, and it is imperative that the spine surgery community has adequate representation at the table when coding and valuation decisions are made. Additionally, this Task Force will direct society advocacy efforts towards commercial payers and technology assessment forums, many of which inform coverage determinations and access to medically necessary spinal surgeries.

Initially our committee will meet virtually – via conference calls and web broadcasts – so the time commitment is minimal. Over time, we hope to develop surgeons who are willing to actively participate in the CPT and RUC processes, representing the interests of spine surgeons and advocating for appropriate valuations of spinal surgery procedures within those bodies. If you are interested in participating or in receiving more information, please contact David Porter at, or call 847-491-0873.

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