ISASS began adding chapters in 2004 with the KOSAS-Korean ISASS Chapter. In 2007 we added the Chinese Chapter and in 2008 added the Middle East and India Chapters. ISASS recently added the Taiwan Chapter in 2009. In June of 2010 the Latin America Chapter hosted the first LASAS Meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico. The second LASAS meeting was held August 4 – 6, 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 1st annual meeting of the ISASS Turkey chapter was held in November 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The purpose of ISASS chapters is to provide a local forum for personal and professional development, provide an opportunity to network with others in the local spine community, gather information on how others are handling spine issues, provide insights into various spine procedures and policies and build relationships and contacts with other spine professionals from your area.

Chapter Member Benefits

Membership in an ISASS chapter means access to a local network of spine professionals in your community that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization. There are resources and services available through ISASS that local chapters can’t possibly duplicate, and there are resources and services available through your local chapter that ISASS can’t provide.

Maximize your opportunities by becoming a member of ISASS and your local chapter. It’s a winning combination!

If you are a member of one of ISASS Chinese, India, Korean, Latin American, Middle East, Taiwan or Turkey chapters, we encourage you to become a member of ISASS! Please contact your local chapter to get a special membership application for a reduced fee for ISASS membership.

ISASS Regional Chapters



Tian Wei, MD, PhD President and Hui Lin Yang, MD, PhD Secretary Membership Contact: Wang Xi
ISASS Latin America
ISASS Middle East
ISASS Taiwan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Chapter meeting and a Regional meeting?

A: Chapter meetings are for local participants and Regional meetings are focused on regional and worldwide members:

Chapter Meeting: Intended for local participants without the inclusion of the rest of the world input via a call for papers distributed from ISASS International to ISASS worldwide membership. The chapter facilitates all aspects of the meeting; financial, logistics and advertising. Official language is that of the region.

Regional Meeting: Focused on local or regional members, however includes the rest of the world membership via a call for papers to ensure the entire membership is able to submit papers for podium presentations and posters. ISASS International directs all arrangements; financial, logistic, advertising and the like working with a local host committee to advise staff of local customs, however as this is an ISASS International meeting, must meet ISASS rules for a meeting. Financial split of expenses/ revenue 60% local chapter 40% ISASS International. Official language: English.

As an ISASS member, am I automatically a member of a local chapter?

A: No. ISASS membership is separate from membership in your local chapter. To become a member of your local chapter, you will need to apply for membership directly with that particular chapter. Please see chapter contacts above.

As a member of my local chapter, am I automatically an ISASS member?

A:No. To join ISASS, please visit our Membership section.

How do I join a chapter or obtain more information on a chapter?

A:Contact the chapter by emailing the chapter contact. Chapter contact information can be found in the Chapters section above.

I have questions that aren’t listed, who can I talk to?

A: A: For any further questions regarding chapters and/or ISASS membership, please contact: Nikki Golden, CAE at

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