New Research Published on Telehealth and Alternative Payment Adoption by Physicians

On December 13, 2023, The American Medical Association (AMA) released two recent Policy Research Perspectives out of its Health Policy Group. Each report is based on data from the AMA’s Physician Practice Benchmark Survey.

The first, Telehealth in 2022: Availability Remains Strong but Accounts for a Small Share of Patient Visits for Most Physicians, documents the growth of telehealth availability in physician practices over the 2018 to 2022 period. It also presents specialty-specific estimates of the average number of remote patient visits provided per week.

The second, Payment and Delivery in 2022: Continued Growth in Accountable Care Organization While Alternative Payment Methods Stagnate, provides a detailed look at the extent to which physicians are in practices that participate in medical homes and accountable care organizations as well as involvement in alternative payment methods.

Both reports can be found here, along with other reports based on the Benchmark Survey.

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