February 28, 2020

ISASS’ AMA HOD seat directly impacts you

ISASS is an active participant in several AMA bodies through its seat on the AMA House of Delegates: AMA CPT Editorial Panel AMA/Multi-Specialty Relativity Update Committee (RUC) AMA Federal Advocacy and Policy Federation It is through this activity that ISASS has been able to directly achieve many important outcomes that have benefited ISASS members. Among these successes are the correction of the valuation of CPT 27279, Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion in 2020, the work to correct the valuation of CPT 22867, Interlaminar Stabilization Distraction Device Insertion (Coflex Procedure), the definition of Endoscopic Decompression procedures at CPT, and the development of emerging spine surgery technology that are the foundation of ISASS’ commitment to new technology development. Other critical issues pursued […]