vertebral augmentation

May 29, 2019

UPDATED: MAC Carrier Noridian Healthcare Publishes Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC) Voting Results for Vertebral Augmentation Policy

In April, Medicare Administrator Contractor (MAC) carrier Noridian published Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC) Voting Results for a draft policy on Vertebral Augmentation. The CAC meeting took place in March based on a draft policy that had been previously published. Several providers and specialty societies provided input to Noridian and the CAC members on clinical standards and current literature for Vertebral Augmentation, including ISASS through a letter sent to Noridian. The letter was reviewed by the CAC for the March meeting. The CAC process is used by Medicare Administrator Contractors such as Noridian to review clinical literature on new and emerging technologies under consideration for payment policies for various Medicare jurisdictions. CAC members are drawn from the physician community for each […]
March 28, 2019

ISASS policy statements highlight evolving evidence and literature in recently published bone graft substitute and vertebral augmentation statements

The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery released two new statements: one focused on bone graft substitutes and the other examining vertebral augmentation. The bone graft substitute statement outlines historical use and U.S. regulatory pathways for bone grafts, including nonstructural allografts, demineralized bone grafts, cellular-based allografts, synthetic bone grafts, autologous cellular grafts and Class III drug-device combination products. “Bone grafting is an essential part of spinal surgery and ever-evolving science,” concluded the recommendation authors. “With each new advance, one needs to understand the characteristics of material, its mechanism of action, the regulatory pathway by which it came to market and the preclinical and human clinical evidence available on which to base a clinical use decision.” The authors found: Nonstructural cancellous allograft […]
February 26, 2019

ISASS Publishes Policy Statements on Bone Graft Procedures and Vertebral Augmentation

ISASS has published a new policy statement on Bone Grafting procedures and an updated policy on Vertebral Augmentation. These policies are based on review by clinical experts and reviewed and published in the International Journal of Spine Surgery, the official ISASS journal, in February 2019. Links to the policy statements can be found on the ISASS website. Bone Graft Policy Updated Vertebral Augmentation Policy